Female Chimeras

Inspired by chimera Greek mythology, which is, a hybrid creature composed of parts of more than one animal. Female chimeras, is a life changing experience for females in Palestine who breakthrough society's prescriptive and create a new hybrid culture.

What is Female Chimeras?

Female chimeras was launched in 2018, it is a trans-formative experience for Palestinian females that reflects another side of their life through visual stories.

Female chimeras project is giving females the chance to speak up for their accomplishments and challenges, allowing the world to see the inspirational voices of Palestine.

Stories could be tragic, could be cheerful, but they are showing the real life of Palestinian females.

Who is The Founder?

Tala Al-Sharif Wrote :

" When we experience difficulties, we often feel misunderstood. My vision is to reach out individuals who are troubled and in the need of feeling understood, I found out media to be ultimate incubator that transforms the stereotypes and misconceptions regarding Palestinian females into inspirational and valuable expressions as well as the most effective way to influence change. Due to that, I derive my passion for youth especially women’s empowerment in Media filed“

Tala is 26 years old Palestinian journalist from Hebron, she got her BA Degree in TV and radio broadcasting from Birzeit University in Palestine, and her Master’s degree in Journalism and new media from Jordan media institute.